Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's happening next weekend...

During KulturYhavn, we'll have a lot going on onboard illutron. Much of it will be ongoing projects as people geek away on their creations, and some will be finished projects being shown off, and some will be workshops where you can join in and try something new!

Some of the installations include (in Danish below):

- Giant firecannon making huge fire balls in the sky
- SOS: Self Operational System (Self propelling/directional boat that navigates via gps)
- The Complexicator (A tiny noise machine)
- Propane Photo Booth - need we say more?
- Scraper Bike - A persistance of vision pimped bike with synthesizer
- The Grey Whale - a water cannon hidden in the water
- 1 ton industrial robot who wants to play with you
- Ears under water - Hydrophones - underwater microphones
- Biometric Social Interaction - come and play with your bio-signals (heart rate and galvanic skin response)
- Guided tours aboard illutron discussing the history of the ship and of the art collective
- The Marble Track from Denmarks first DIY-Laboratory, Labitat
- And...of course, many more...

- Kæmpe ildkanon der laver store ildkugler i luften
- SOS: Self Operational System (Selvstændig båd, der navigerer via gps)
-The Complexicator (En lille noise maskine)
- Propane photo booth (Smartphone, der bruger en ildkanon som flash, når den tager billeder).
- Scraper Bike (POV pimped version af en scraper bike med synthesizer effekter i sæde og stel)
- The grey whale (Springvand, der skyder vandstråler højt i vejret)
- Robot (1 tons tung pensioneret industrirobot bygget om til en CNC maskine)
- Ører under vand: Hydrofoner (undervandsmikrofoner)
- Biometric Social Interaction, udforsk kroppens biologiske signaler
- Rundvisning på skibet hvor man lære om historie om skibet og illutron
- “Marbletrack”: En store maskin af Danmarks første åbne Gør-Det-Selv laboratorium, Labitat
- Og mange flere...

A sneak peak of the Marble Track:

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