Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you for a fabulous KulturSYDhavn!

We had a great time doing Remixing the Physical (3 weeks of workshops) and KulturSYDhavn! Thank you to everyone who visited the barge and participated in all the weeks of workshops and fun that we had.

Here's a short video recapping some of the fun!

Hope to see you onboard illutron soon...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hyrdophone Workshop Friday: 17-20, Saturday 13-16

Hydrophone is an underwater microphone. You can hear fish talk, boats from 400m distance, whales singing or whatever sounds underwater.

In practical the hydrophone is a piezo transducer with a preamp inside a waterproof case with a little air gap. The cases we are using are just everyday tupperware - waterproof boxes, or tobacco boxes, etc.

On friday at 17:00 we will build a preamp. This is all simple
soldering - if you haven't soldered before - you will learn it now!

After that we will close the box, and have some tests. Saturday is an
extra day in case we are not ready on friday.

What will you need:

- a waterproof case, such as a metal box, stiff plastic box, etc.
Something that doesn't break and is possible to close.
- bring soldering tools if you have
- cables as long ones as you want the hydrophone to dive
- 50-200 kr for cables and little electronics (will be more exact sum closer the weekend)

What you won't need:

- any previous experience in technics or soldering

Workshop runs on friday 5.8. 17-20
Saturday 6.8. 13-16

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fire for Africa! (illutron partners with BetterNow)

You want fire, kids need food. illutron, in partnership with Magic Mama has the solution: donate to get fire! During the entire weekend of KulturSYDhavn you can donate and get the opportunity to set off our fire cannon! For every massive fire explosion, more and more children in Africa will get much needed food. You can donate here: and print your receipt (or show us it on your phone) and we'll give you the big red 'fire' button to press!

Magic Mama is a creative and open minded collective in Copenhagen's inner city who make many cultural events.

Ildkanon skaffer mad til de sultende i Afrika.
Kollektivet Magic Mama står sammen med illutron bag en indsamling til fordel for de sultende på Afrikas Horn. Besøgende kan donere 100 kr. og derved få lov at trykke en kæmpe ildkanon af. På den måde får du ild og børn i Afrika får mad!

Du kan sikre din ret til at fyre ildkanonen af ved at donere på dette link:

Print din kvittering og medbring den til arrangementet. Magic Mama er et kreativt og frisindet kollektiv i Indre By, der bl.a. arrangerer forskellige kulturelle arrangementer.