Sponsors so far include:

Kongens Enghave Lokaludvalg was one of our main sponsors for this event, making many of the installations possible!

Participate in an adventure of electronics and invention:

illutron (http://www.illutron.dk) is a 480 ton barge in the Sydhavn area that operates as a collaborative interactive arts studio. We focus primarily on using frontline technology to create interactive installations. We specialize in reverse engineering, robotics, communications, and working within and on the water.

Our work is done in the spirit of innovation, and we have a team of specialists working on each project including engineers, physicists, inventors, pyrotechnics experts, sound and light specialists and interaction designers.

All of our work is done on our ship and for KulturSYDhavn we will be connecting our ship with the quay, inviting the people in the area to come and participate in the meeting of water, land and technology during the three day event.

We hope that businesses throughout Copenhagen, and especially those in the Sydhavn area will be interested in participating in this event, whether through monetary sponsorship, donations of food and beverages to help fuel the festival, or through coming to Kulturhavn to help us create an incredible experience.

Please contact Vanessa Carpenter at 28 64 45 29 or vanessajcarpenter at gmail . com to find out how you can be involved in the first annual KulturSYDhavn!