Saturday, July 21, 2012

Postcards coming soon!

We have many summer activities going on - all starting with KulturSYDhavn! 

You can see some of them here and be sure to check out or illutron on Facebook for more information. 

KulturSYDhavn (August 3 – 5)

KulturSYDhavn is our annual festival, in collaboration with Kulturhavn and other partners including the Børnekulturstedet Karens Minde, Kbh Projekthus, AFUK, Kongens Enghave Lokalhistorisk, and others. Experience many installations, join in a treasure hunt for the entire family, and explore the ship illutron!

We have many activities throughout the summer including:

  • Sinking Ship Kraka: An old wooden boat. Sunken on the bottom of the harbour. Open the valves, let in the air, and bring it back to the surface – For a little while. Until it slowly sinks again.
  • Underwater ROV: A little robot (Remote Operated Vehicle) with incredible underwater vision is released into the harbour, to explore the depths below.
  • Create your city – new harbour life: In collaboration with Københavns Kommune, we experiment with making the water of the Copenhagen Harbour more accessible and usable to the public.
  • Ønskekanal – The wish canal: a community event held in Sluseholmen. An all day BBQand family gathering will lead up to a beautiful evening – where you assemble small electronics which will glow, casting your wish for the harbour into the canals of Sluseholmen.
  • Giant CNC: illutron is building a huge machine which can cut and mill wood and metal.

Visit it onboard illutron!

  • Electrolumen: The lamp post on our upper deck is for you to play with – explore electricity and interactivity in this intriguing installation.
  • Hydrophonic Soundscapes: A beautiful project exploring sounds and lights in the harbour.
  • Kunstkopf: A giant underwater head which can hear underwater and share the sounds with you.
  • Self-Guided Tours: illutron offers you the chance to take a self-guided tour of our ship. You can read about each project and the history of the ship with the signs we’ve provided. Enjoy our free wifi and help yourself to a coffee in our cafe!

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